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Suitland Bog

A 60 acre bog in Prince George's County Maryland. This bog is one of
the few remaining coastal plain bogs in Maryland. Many interesting and
unique plants are found here, including an indigenous carnivorous plant
Spatulate-Leaved Sundew (
Drosera intermedia), orchids, and spagnum
moss. Other carnivorous plants were introduced and have become

Information and directions

Cosca Regional Park

Almost 700 acres in Prince Georges County, with recreational facilities
and nature trails.

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Piscataway Park

Although I generally go for less managed areas for hiking, I enjoyed my
visit to Piscataway Park. The park has several short trails, all well
maintained and well marked with blazes. The trails lead you through a
variety of habitats. Walk along the bank of the Potomac River, on a
boardwalk through a wetland habitat, through woods, and across open
fields. The variety of habitats supports a wide variety of birds year
round. The birdwatching is especially good during the fall and spring

The park hosts the National Colonial Farm, which is a replica of a 1700’
s small farm.  Heirloom crops are grown in the gardens, and cows,
chickens, and other farm animals are raised here.

Piscataway Park is very close to Washington DC, about 10 miles east
of the Beltway.

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Cedarville State Forest

About 3500 acres of woods and wetlands within a 1 hour drive of
Washington DC. This park has several well marked hiking trails, with
biking and horseback riding. Hunting is allowed in most of the park,
but some areas are protected. If you are planning on hiking, not
hunting, it is best to visit outside hunting season, in late spring and
summer. There is a three dollar per vehicle entrance fee.

The hiking here is pretty easy, with few hills and well maintained trails.
Access to many of the trails is by unpaved roads, but the roads are
well enough maintained that my Honda Civic had no problems when I
visited. There are parking areas along the road at the trail heads. Day
use picnic areas and overnight campsites are available.

Because hunting is allowed a lot of wildlife is less visible than in some
of the other area parks. On our visit in late April, the birdwatching was
pretty good with ovenbirds, downy woodpeckers, blue jays, red-bellied
woodpeckers, thrushes, cardinals and more. The sounds of nature
were very diverse. In addition to the birds, we heard several frogs
including bullfrog, green frog, and cricket frog.

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Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

Severn Run Natural Environmental Area

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