This second edition of HERBAL SIMPLES APPROVED FOR MODERN USES OF CURE was published in 1897.

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I have not made any changes to the text of this book with the exception of the Table of Contents and the has
been changed to match reformatting of the book. The formating of the book has been changed to make the
book easier to index and easier to read online.

Keep in mind that the names of plants and of diseases have often changed over the years. Many have a
completely different meaning in the 21st century than in the 19th century when this book was published. The
book was written in Britain, so the plants listed are those that were available in Britain at the time. Many of
these have been introduced to North America and have become established here in the mid-Atlantic states
(and other parts of the continent). Others are American plants that were brought to Europe, along with folk
medical uses from the Americas, as well as what may have been some original European uses. Other plants
listed have relatives living here in the New World that might have similar properties.

This Book is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost as long as the use is not commercial.

Project Gutenburg copied this work and has made it freely available over the internet. I am posting the herbal
here in a form that I think is easier to use than the ASCII text format available on the Project Gutenburg
website. If you would like a copy of the book in the ASCII text format I will be happy to e-mail a copy, or you
can download directly from www.gutenberg.org.


Author of "Botanical Outlines," etc_

Second Edition.