Swamps, canals and roadside drainage ditches provide a habitat for a variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles. Turtles
are seen basking in the sun on logs in the water on sunny warm days. On rainy days normally aquatic turtles can
sometimes be found venturing onto the land. And during egg laying season turtles are found digging nests and laying
eggs in sandy areas, often even on the sandy roads through the swamps.
The Yellow Bellied Slider leaves the safety of the rivers and swamps to lay eggs in nests dug in the sand.
Mud Turtles are pretty common in the swamps of South Carolina.
As the name suggests, mud turtles live in water with a muddy bottom, where they blend in well
with the dark mud. They eat insects, carrion, and aquatic vegetation.
The plastron is hinged, so the turtle may be able to somewhat protect itself by closing its shell. This
turtle has plenty of legs protruding from its shell.
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