Below are some photographs I took on a tour from the Everglades Hostel in January, 2011.
Black Vulture
A black vulture. Several of these birds were outside the Everglades National Park visitors center at Anhinga.
Black Vulture
Gators at Anhinga, Everglades National Park
At one viewing area on the Anhinga trail boardwalk, over thirty Alligators were basking in the sun. Black Vultures
can be seen walking among the gators.
Female Anhinga
A female Anhinga. The female can be distinguished from the male by the light brown colored neck and
upper chest. Several Anhinga nests could be seen along the Anhinga trail.
Led by our fearless guide through the saw-grass, we went on foot for a close-up and personal view of the glades.
What an incredible experience! Instead of taking one of the boring and noisy boat tours and airboat rides that pollute
the waters, disrupt the peaceful sounds of nature, and destroy the vegetation, take a guided swamp walk on your trip
to the glades for an experience you will always fondly remember. It also makes a great story to tell your friends back