Eastern Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis)

A very common snake in our area. This snake is found in almost every type of
habitat. It is found in wooded areas, fields, streams, even backyards. Garters have
three yellow stripes, one down the center of the back, and one on each side.
Garter Snakes have a varied diet, eating almost anything they can catch.
Earthworms, fish, frogs, and salamanders are all food for the Garter. Larger
Garter Snakes will even eat mice and other small rodents.
A "keel" or ridge on each of the scales can be seen in the picture above.

This snake was found in a crack in a log in my backyard in Owings Mills, Maryland. I left him (or her) alone and he
stayed for the summer. I could count on finding him sitting in the log exposed to the sun on any warm sunny day.
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This Eastern Garter Snake was found sunning in some open, sunny woods along the Patuxent River in
Montgomery county.